Friday, December 12, 2008

For-fun Photoshop Graphics?--anyone?

Hey guys..
So I just remembered how much fun photoshop was last night.. xD
Soooo, I'll take in requests for graphics, from practically anyone. Just give me a description of what the icon needs to look like, the words/text, etc. I'll give it all to you (I'm so nice). But it's typically for the whole Gmail Group (basically anyone who has gmail) and the graphics are just 100x100 icons typically for Gmail. Surprise, eh?

And just so everyone can have an idea of where my skills in Photoshop are..

I created them; just 'cause I put it here, doesn't mean you can use them. Especially the kissing fish one; that one's special. xD Of course, you can always ask for permission and see what I will say...

So, request away. :P Just contact me, doesn't really matter how. Email, im, at school, whatever. I'm just having a lot of Photoshop muse right now that needs to be used. ><

It's Okay to Rant

I propose that everyone should have the right to rant. ><

Okay, time to randomly rant.. (HA, alliteration!-- I am so nerdy. x])
-I'm beginning to hate guys, like I have such a strong desire to release a stifled punch..
-Dynamic Earth Project needs to DIE.
-Winter break is coming up and I'm buying my friends presents--that's always fun! :]
-I love the cold, so, so, so, so, so, much.
-Why are people so racist? Just 'cause you're talking to someone from the opposite gender and they're from the same race as you doesn't mean you're going out with them. =.=
- I love decorating and buying gifts--random fact.
- I miss Brittany so much. D:
- I am scared..
- Terribly scared about growing up and making a living; career day just reminded me all the terrible and scary things out there..
- I wish things could easily occupy my mind sometimes, but they dont. :(
- You butt will hurt a lot after Career Day. o___o

I think that sums it up..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

News of the oh-so-famous-Twilight~

For those Twilight fanatics, other than myself,the Twilight movie is approaching. Yeah, yeah; this isn't reallly considered "news", but more of a reminder. :]

And another heads up, the new Twilight trailer was released around a few weeks ago. (Eeep!) & incase you haven't seen it, here it is:

Dun, dun, dun, dun.. xD Dramatic?--Yes, Good?--Perhaps. After seeing the real, and not the teaser twilight trailers, I've realized how difficult it is to create movie with a plot like this.. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but there's something that it seems to be lacking. :P Moving onto the next Twilight topic.. THE TWILIGHT SOUNDTRACK IS COMING OUT ON 11/4/08!! I'm very very excited about this soundtrack. First of all, I'm curious to hear Rob's music. It's his first time to have ever recorded and released music. & for those of you who are judging Rob's music by his appearance, SHUT UP. -.- (I know there are a few of you out there. :P) You haven't even heard the guy sing before, so you can't know if he sucks or not... Another artist that I'm even more excited about is PARAMORE--!! Omgosh-- YAY!! :D PARAMORE+TWILIGHT=AWESOMEx1000000000!! And then there's always Muse that Stephenie loves so much.. :P I learned that her's and my style of music just differ here. Oh well-- everyone has their opinions.

1. Muse — Supermassive Black Hole
2. Paramore — Decode
3. The Black Ghosts — Full Moon
4. Linkin Park — Leave Out All The Rest
5. MuteMath — Spotlight (Twilight Mix)
6. Perry Farrell — Go All The Way (Into The Twilight)
7. Collective Soul — Tremble For My Beloved
8. Paramore — I Caught Myself
9. Blue Foundation — Eyes On Fire
10. Rob Pattinson — Never Think
11. Iron & Wine — Flightless Bird, American Mouth
12. Carter Burwell — Bella's Lullaby

**Notice: You can hear Decode by Paramore on Youtube. I'm not totally if that's the only one available to listen to, but Decode is there. :] (And it's oh-so-addictive)

Here's a fanmade trailer that I found while browsing on Youtube--IT'S FANTASTIC! It's not one of those annoyingly lacking of skill videos, so I highly recommend you watch. :D

Does anyone know the artist of the song in the video? I can't find it anywhere. :( If you tell me I will <3 you forever~ :3

Friday, August 29, 2008


Okay.. so this is sorta unecessary and silly... but, I really really really really loved it and I wanted to share its awesomeness with you guys.. >.< ... drumroll..


And for those of you that DON'T know what a 'bento' is, it's a japanese style lunch box that is divided into compartments for all the vegetables and etc. I got the keychain in chinatown.. AND MY MOM ACTUALLY LET ME GET IT! (She never really approves of these 'useless' trinkets..)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Untitled: Chapter 2

Arrghh.. Blogger is annoying me. =.= It won’t edit my post without editing other things.. –cough- Guess what? I used a new font. xD Anyways, here’s the next chapter, as promised.

To be honest, my legs felt like little needles were poking them after every step I took. Running around the whole school just didn’t seem like the best thing for my legs. But I pressed down all of the needles because it was all worth it.

Amber and coffee tinted leaves surrounded me, breaking away from branches every so often. The forest had turned into some sort of deciduous forest during the fall. It captured my interest all the time; it was the one place in the world that seemed unaffected by the continuous hectic chaos this world had erupted. And even better, it had seemed to perfectly plant itself right next to my house. It was like this vast beauty of nature had chosen me.

I let out a hysterical laugh, partly laughing at my selfishness and partly because of the swift calming affects of the forest. How could I think this place had chosen me? It seemed too good for anything. It couldn’t belong to anything.

Without realizing, I kept walking deeper into the fall trees, enjoying the sounds of the forest too much. A distant trickle of a stream met my ears; birds sang a loud, yet calming song. It made me feel too comfortable and all my senses of danger seemed to lie dormant. But the scary thing was that I was vaguely aware.. yet, I didn’t even care.

As I walked my unplanned route, my eyes drifted to a sunny clearing up ahead. My legs paused briefly in mid-step, mesmerized by the enchanting brightness of it. Autumn colored leaves littered the piercing green grass. The dazzling sunlight seemed to add the perfect touch to the beautiful scenery. At the moment, all I desired was to run into the clearing, and so I did. With no hint of subtly whatsoever, I threw myself on the ground. Deciduous leaves softened my landing, making crunching noises in the process. My mouth opened, inhaling the sweet scent of the grass. I had no intention of thinking about Augustus’s strange behavior, but the memory was pestering. Emery was one of the strangest too.. why was she pretending? And then there was Caleb. He left nearly a year ago.. but why had he come back? Questions began to flow like a rushing river..

A sudden crunch of a leaf made me go stiff. The piercing sound felt close, really close. Rolled onto my side, I did not dare turn back to what had broken the perfect, serene atmosphere. It felt like someone was squeezing my heart and forcing it to pump faster and faster.. I forced myself to think logically and stop shaking. I was being stupid and unnecessarily frightened. It had to be an animal.. no one could be here. Maybe, it was a bird that had landed roughly. The piercing crunch didn’t seem so heavy and violent.. like it was in the medium range. My mind continued to race, calculating possible answers.

“Heh.. At least I didn’t have to barge into your house. This is much easier.” The husky voice had sounded familiar. I instantly sat up, twisting my head in the voice’s direction.
“Sorry. I scared you, didn’t I?” The blonde’s slightly wavy hair blew harshly against his face as he smiled tiredly. I couldn’t help but scream his name in pure surprise.
“Caleb?!” My eyes widened as I examined his face.. he looked so different. Bags hung under his eyes, but I was glad to know his hazel eyes were still unaffected. His golden hair looked in need of a desperate hair cut; they were long enough to caress his shoulders. And just like Emery and Augustus, Caleb had appeared so much more muscular than I had last seen him. Huh. Why was everyone working out so much so suddenly at the same time? But I hardly cared because I was so glad that his smile had never changed. It still had that same comforting yet humorous quality to it. But I hadn’t realized how much all of this suppressing could come back so violently. How long had I tried to forget him? Too long, it seemed. His presence made my body feel like it had been knocked out of the wind, except it seemed to happen everytime he was mentioned.

“Yup.. it’s me. In the flesh.” I winced at how he so casually said it. I almost scowled as I spoke.
“Why did you move without telling me?” He hesitated; frustration and guilt seemed to collide with his once happy expression.
“I—it’s complicated. But, you’ll figure out soon; I promise.” The last sentence was so.. so.. innocent and pleading I couldn’t get mad at him. And to add to that, he smiled that same comforting smile.
When?” I asked impatiently, rising to my feet.
“Now.” He whispered in his husky voice. His feet took a few steps towards me, reached for my hand and led me out of the sunny clearing. I almost stood my ground, not wishing to leave it. His hand made my hand feel like it was boiling. I tried not to concentrate on it; instead, I started interrogating him.
“Where are we going?”
“You’ll know once we get there.” I pouted; he was being unbelievably persistent. He walked swiftly and quietly on the soft soil, not facing me at all. It was hard to predict what he was thinking when I couldn’t see his expression. He no longer held my hand, knowing that I’d follow from curiosity. Dead air seemed to hang in between us as we walked in the seemingly endless forest.
“Am I going to learn why you’ve been gone for a year?”
“Good.” He laughed softly as he walked, but after that, everything became silent again. Ugh. I couldn’t stand it. I was sure I my hand was getting clammy from the anxiety.

After what seemed like an eternity, he abruptly stopped in front of a large oak tree. It was abnormally large and the bark seemed thick. It stood proudly in front of us. But its size did not enhance me; it was the small intricate carving on the trunk. A leaf, the ocean, firelight, and gusts of wind were delicately engraved into the bark. I couldn’t understand how they were so small yet so detailed..
“It’s.. pretty.” My description hardly did it justice.
“Did you make this?” I asked, thoroughly amazed at how detailed it was.
“Of course not, Cordelia.” I felt my insides glow once he spoke my name. For the first time since the clearing, he turned to look at me.
“Hold on tight.” He grasped my arm tightly, too tightly to feel any comfort from it. I reflexively grabbed his arm. His words made me feel bewildered. Hold on tight? What was that supposed to mean?

Before I could form words, Caleb’s arm shot out swiftly, his palm hitting right on the detailed design forcefully. Everything after that happened so quickly. My sluggish eyes had seen the two of us walk into the oak tree with complete ease. I felt lightheaded and floating for a split second, and everything was blindingly white and bright. My whole body felt a crazy sensation; similar to the feeling when you go sky diving and you’re falling through that incredible air, just falling.. But it was over, much too soon for my liking. My grip had tightened in the process on Caleb’s arm, but he had seemed relaxed. Before another second could pass, I could feel the soft soil beneath my feet again and the blinding light had ceased. The air smelled just as good as the forest, but it was.. different, still. Yet, everything looked the same! The autumn leaves still littered the floor, trees still in the same position. The only difference was that the colossal, wide oak tree was behind me. Maybe I wasn’t hallucinating.. maybe, I had really walked right out of an oak tree.

“Caleb, did we just walk through a tree?” My voice did not show how bewildered I was on the inside. It felt like all I had wanted at this moment was to scream, ‘WHAT HAD JUST HAPPENED?!’
“Yeah, something like that. Oh, and by the way, I’ll get bruise if you keep squishing my arm like that.” Suddenly aware of my grip, I released him.
“Sorry. Caleb, what had just happened?” I asked him, feeling very much like the fabric of reality had been ripped to shreds.
“Don’t freak on me, please? I promise everything will be answered. I need to get us out of here; it’s really unsafe if we stay here like this.” I groaned heavily. I still couldn’t understand what he was talking about. And to add to my endless frustration, he was simply refusing to tell me.. hmph.
“Fine, fine, fine! I just want my questions answered as soon as possible.” He raised his right eyebrow.
“Do you mind running?”
“Erm.. no, not really.”
“Excellent. Follow me.” He shot off into the depths of the trees so quickly it reminded me of Augustus. My legs had to work relentlessly and at their fastest to keep up with him; I was sure I wasn’t going to be able to keep up this pace long enough. Even so, I was so thankful that I had worn sneakers today. My dark brown eyes caught him sneaking a peak at me, and his strides shorted and his pace slowed down tremendously. Though I was happy for the change in pace, trees flew past us as we winded ourselves around them for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly, Caleb abruptly stopped. My sneakers had trouble halting; I had been going at an unbelievably swift pace, and struggled to not crash into the tall blonde. My mouth was gulping in a large quantity of air, yet, Caleb seemed totally calm with his breathing.

The next few steps seemed delicate; like he wasn’t trying to disturb a sleeping bear. Why weren’t we running like before? I was about to ask, but my mouth felt so parched from the run, my voice failed. So I crept in the lofty blades of grass with him. The tree’s canopy hovered above us, casting a vast shadow across the forest. How late was it now? It looked so dark.. but it was impossible to tell with the canopy hiding the sky from me. After minutes of gaining my breath, I asked him my question.
“We don’t want it to seem like there’s an attack.” He answered in a normal, calm voice, still not facing me. Ugh. What was wrong with him? Everything that he seemed to say got me more and more confused. But I decided to ignore all of that.
“Caleb, do you have water?” Water felt like the first priority my body needed. My voice was so cracked and dry. His hazel eyes widened in a revelation as he shook his head shamefully.
“Sorry. I hadn’t realized you’d get thirsty. Once we get to there, I promise they’ll be some water there for you.” His head turned back onto the unmarked path that he seemed to be following intently. I nearly groaned; so many promises.. none of them he had actually kept yet. I hadn’t even bothered to even think about ‘where' was. Everything was equally confusing, and therefore, not worth asking when he wasn’t going to answer you. I was just amazed that he wasn't thirsty. After what seemed like a few minutes, I faced something so unexpected, I gasped. My legs stood planted to the bouncy soil, my head spinning in confusion at what stood before me.

Okay.. dun, dun, dun.. xD YA FEEL DA SUSPENSE?! Good. Does any part of this sound familiar? Hint, hint, the forest part was part of my dream.
I know this post didn’t exactly give out much.. But I really really really PROMISE the next one will be. (I can guarantee this because I’ve already wrote it. xD)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I don't know what to call it.. I'm really uncreatvie. Untitled: Chapter 1

Alright, so I think I’ll be continuing the ‘dream’ but it’ll be in more of a story rather than a dream. The story will start from the beginning and it will involve the two characters in my last post. However, those two characters won't be the only ones that I'll be writing about. ;) And they will actually have names. lol. xD But I really don’t know how this’ll turn out.. Becca inspired me in the comments to write this. Thanks Becca! :)


I drew out a heavy breath before advancing onward. Part of me didn’t want to go, but it was totally inevitable and my whole life just seemed to be leaning on this. I really didn’t like that. Yet, it seemed like my whole well being depended on this too. The crunch of the already autumn leaves on the sidewalk abruptly shattered my thoughts—my paranoid thoughts.

Walking to school was something I missed a lot. I still liked the calming serenity of the outside, even when those polluting cars passed you by and blew fumes of intoxicating smoke into your face. What ever happened to staying green? After about a block, I automatically stopped at the front of a door. A smile curled up my lips as I realized how much of a habit this had become; not even summer had broken it. It was one of the things she loved about school. In a quick motion, the door flung open and Laurel was standing at the door, pajamas still on and hair going in every direction.

“Laurel! Do you have to do this on the first day of school? We are so gon—“
“Sorry, sorry--!” She was halfway across the stairs in the middle of the second sorry. I sighed. We are going to be late. I decided to step into the living room and throw myself on the couch, fingers tapping impatiently. It was so quiet, despite the sounds of Laurel’s shuffling feet. Miraculously, the curly red head came skipping down the steps, fully dressed and hair looking nicely combed in a matter of 5 minutes.

“Just how do you manage, Laurel?” I asked as I impatiently half ran, half walked out the door.
“Years of training.” I could imagine the grin on her face as we ran all the way to school.

The usual chatter that early mornings in school always set off greeted the two of us. People just loved to talk.. or, gossip would be the correct term. But for once, I was glad to hear it; we weren’t late.

“C!” Emery’s familiar voice came floating through the hallway, her legs running fairly fast as she dodged the mob of students. It was pretty fast for a school hallway, anyways. Hmm.. she never did like to follow school policies. As she ran, I noticed that she seemed a lot more.. buff. Was skinny Emery actually working out?

“Emery!” I smiled as she attacked me with a friendly hug, her currently thick biceps crush me.
“Hmp. You forgot me, Em.” Emery giggled before launching into another deadly hug of hers at Laurel. Laurel quickly forgave Emery and asked, “Where’s Augustus?”
“I dunno.. haven’t seen him at all this morning. It’s so crowded with all these stupid freshmans.” Emery’s eyebrows furrowed together, the edge of her lips pulling down. Now why was that?
“I’m sure he’s fine; he always gets tardies, remember?” I said, my voice reassuring. I wasn’t quite sure what I was reassuring her for, but there was something wrong with her expression.

We departed once first period was about to start, still having no sign of Augustus. I walked into Calculus, my fingers clutching the textbook. I was thankful that no one stared up at me once I entered; everyone was still chatting. Heck, the teacher wasn’t even here. I rummaged for my schedule once I sat in the way back, looking for the name of the teacher. Mr. Ray was printed onto the paper. I had recalled Emery informing me about practically every single possible teacher I could get. As I tried to recall the long list of teachers, a familiar voice reached my ears.

“Hey, Cordelia!” My head shot up to see Augustus’s smiling face. His dark chocolate hair had grown over the summer just beneath his jaw line and just like Emery, he seemed to be much more muscular. But that wasn’t what had made my eyes widen; his left leg was covered in a huge cast, going from his thigh all the way to his foot.
“Augustus!” He seemed to refrain from talking to let me take it all in.
“What’d you do?!”
“Ah.. well, I learned that falling off a roof can really hurt.” I looked at him, trying to not roll my eyes at his sarcasm. My mouth opened to say more, but a man—Mr. Ray, apparently, interrupted me.

The whole class dragged on, and anxiety increased every second. I couldn’t help myself from looking at Augustus. What was up with the strange relation between Augustus and Emery? Did she know that he had so stupidly fallen off a roof? If that was true, anyways. Once the bell rang, I couldn’t believe how fast a handicapped person could run. He shot out from his seat like a bullet to his next class, and honestly, I felt offended. Crutches always seemed like such a disadvantage.. but Augustus used them to fluidly run out the door. I sighed; what was up with today?

I was relieved but also annoyed when the last bell of the day rang. How had Augustus managed to avoid me throughout the whole day? Calculus was the only class I had with him, so it was harder to track him down after that. Even during lunch, he had stayed hidden. I snorted, guessing where he hid during the whole lunch period. Laurel seemed to only be faintly concerned about Augustus, not knowing anything about his disappearance or his cast. Emery just acted oblivious whenever I had mentioned anything about him. It nearly drove me mad how everyone was acting, like the day was smoothly passing by. But the fact was that the day was NOT smoothly passing by, and it was just making me really agitated that Augustus would hid in the men’s bathroom just so he wouldn’t see me.

“C, what’s wrong?” Laurel’s concerned voice whispered as we walked our usual route home.
“What do you mean?” I asked, trying to be oblivious. She rolled her hazel eyes.
“Stupid, stop phasing out. What was I talking about approximately 10 seconds ago?” I felt my checks turn red as I stupidly guessed.
“Trying to be on time to school tomorrow?” I sheepishly grinned, hoping it would somehow smooth it out. But Laurel just groaned.
“No, I was talking about Caleb.” Laurel flatly pointed out. I could feel my insides turning into heat at his name.
“Laurel.. this is really off topic. Let’s talk about school, okay? Did you like biology?” The red headed girl really groaned this time, close to pissed.
“Oh, come on, C. Why don’t you do anything about it? You know you miss him.” I threw her an angered face. How can she keep playing with my feelings like this? This was old ‘news’ anyways. My walking pace began to quicken. She matched mine easily.
“Stop walking so fast. Listen, I saw the guy in my neighborhood the other day, the day before summer ended.” That almost made me stop right in my tracks. Why was Caleb here? I shoved the question down, trying not to think about him. I had promised myself not to hurt myself again this year. But it bothered me that Laurel was the kind to pester and I had a feeling that this wouldn’t be the end of Caleb. I just quickened my pace at an abnormally fast and long stride. The extra pair of footsteps seemed to soften and grow distant, and once I realized I had reached my house, I noticed Laurel wasn’t at my side anymore. Suddenly, I felt terrible and guilty for what I had just did and I had a strong urge to go to Laurel’s home and sort it all out. Why was I so harsh? It was just some stupid guy. My legs turned back but automatically stopped; it seemed that I was too chicken to face Laurel.

The cold fall wind howled in my face as I headed into a direction not that of my home, or Laurel’s.


Ugh.. I’m tired. >.<

Also, it would be great if anyone wanted to suggest any names for this little story I've cooked up. :) Titles are not my specialty.

**POST EDIT: It seems like some of you guys are getting confused about the stories I wrote.. The first post (my dream) was really just a dream I really felt like putting down on paper.. er, on the web. This one, the actually story, will be based off my dream that I had. Things in my dream will be editied so that things will be more interesting.. >.<>

Hope this helps the confusion settle down.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It’s a dream I had last night.. I remember it being so vivid and clear, it was really like I was there. I woke up, and I was actually.. shaking. O.o I just had to write it down.. I don’t know who it is. But it’s written in first person anyways.


The lofty grass brushed gently against the skin of my legs as I walked through them, tickling it in the process. I was very aware of my surroundings, but not in a terrifying and weary way. It was delighting to venture in the forest, having the soft sound of birds chirping and the distant trickle of a stream hang in the air. This wall; this dense forest and seemingly high canopy made the real world seem to disintegrate without me even putting a single thought into it. It was obvious that I loved it.

As I continued through the dense trees, not really knowing where my path lead me, I immensely enjoyed it. Then I stopped briefly in the middle of one of my steps, pausing to view the small clearing in which I had stumbled upon. The small clearing allowed a small patch of sunlight to shine beautifully on the waving lofty grasses. This immediately drew my attention and my feet involuntarily walked directly in the sunlight. Sunny rays warmed my clammy skin, making me feel better and much more fresh.

The sound of a twig’s snap reached my ears. It was a delicate imbalance in the calming forest; it startled me greatly to hear such a sudden and sharp sound. My heart began pumping at increasing rate. I dare not move, not even turn around. My clammy hands stayed frozen and stiff at my sides. Whatever it or who it was, was advancing closer to me. I could feel a presence lingering for a spilt second before making it’s way closer.. Then it came to the point of light footsteps, delicately making it’s way across the forest floor. With this information, my mind began racing; who or what could it be? My first assumption was an animal. Deer? Only deer could so softly walk across the soil like this. But that also didn’t make sense; they were much too timid and shy to ever come near anything like this in the open. The steps began getting louder and much more closer, as I stood, rigid. I was beginning to think that this was ridiculous! Was I so scared that I wasn’t even willing to see what was advancing? Exhaling a small breath, I turned.

For one spilt second, my heart felt like it was mixed with a crazy adrenaline rush as my eyes rested on a boy. Once it was over, I could comprehend the details. His face was almost guilty-like. Like he had trespassed on someone’s territory and got caught. Thin, pale arms rested at his sides, rigid in place as well. I assumed they weren’t like that moments ago. My mouth opened slightly, attempting to form words. I was absolutely speechless. Surely I would have made some strange croaking noise from my throat if the lofty, pale boy had not spoken.

“Sorry for startling you.” His voice was husky, as it seemed to come from the edge of his lips. Very much like he was having difficulty getting the words out. I wasn’t sure if he was simply nervous, or really having troubles with his speech.
“No,.. It’s fine.” My tone had sounded startlingly clear and velvet compared to his. Even me, someone who was so startled and weary could clearly speak; the boy really was having trouble speaking. We remained silent for a while, his eyes timidly glued themselves to the floor, reluctant to speak or look at me. The tension was surprisingly light, however.
“What are you doing here? It’s unusual to find anyone here in the deep part of the forest. “ My question sounded pretty blunt and maybe even rude if not for the last sentence. His head shot up from its downward position, causing his surprisingly long blonde hair to wave.
“I come here a lot.” He answered simply. Then a troubled expression took over his face. “Am I intruding?”


Eh.. don’t feel like writing—lost my muse. xP Next post, maybe? I edited a few things.. but everything about the boy, wasn’t changed. ^^” And just for a heads up, I’ll be leaving for vacation on the 31st! I won’t be back till five days later. Miss you guys!