Friday, December 12, 2008

For-fun Photoshop Graphics?--anyone?

Hey guys..
So I just remembered how much fun photoshop was last night.. xD
Soooo, I'll take in requests for graphics, from practically anyone. Just give me a description of what the icon needs to look like, the words/text, etc. I'll give it all to you (I'm so nice). But it's typically for the whole Gmail Group (basically anyone who has gmail) and the graphics are just 100x100 icons typically for Gmail. Surprise, eh?

And just so everyone can have an idea of where my skills in Photoshop are..

I created them; just 'cause I put it here, doesn't mean you can use them. Especially the kissing fish one; that one's special. xD Of course, you can always ask for permission and see what I will say...

So, request away. :P Just contact me, doesn't really matter how. Email, im, at school, whatever. I'm just having a lot of Photoshop muse right now that needs to be used. ><


Britttany said...

I love the seduction one and Jacob Black one. They are so good and cool!

Michelle said...


Jenny said...

can you make me one?
i don't know what kind...
like a pretty one
with flowers, or something
i liked the seduction one
or one that has to do with jenny is awesome and ur not...
or a funny one about stress....
or MANGA!!!!

thanks a lot!